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Welcome to the website of the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District, the organization that manages the largest shopping district in the northwest Bronx.
Here youll find information on the Kingsbridge BID-who we are, the services we provide, the projects we initiate and oversee-and everything about the great shopping in Kingsbridge. shopping in Kingsbridge.
Enjoy your visit here Then come visit us in person along Broadway and W 231st St and find out why Kingsbridges 200 merchants make this a truly neighborhood shopping district.


The BID provides daily sanitation services, monthly graffiti removal, street banners, holiday decorations, shopping maps, advertising, bus shelter posters and landscaping.

Our Mission

The Kingsbridge BID was founded in 2001 and signed into law by Mayor Giuliani. The mission of the Kingsbridge BID is to improve the shopping district for merchants, property owners and visitors. The services provided above have been selected by our Board of Directors to accomplish this mission.