[ Services ]

Alltown Car Service

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-543-7777

Address:242 W 231

Ambar Beauty Studio

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-884-3565

Address:271-2 W 231

231st Street Bingo

Working Hours

M-F 7:15, doors open 4:30; Sat 12:30 & 7:15; Sun 3:15 & 7:15

Phone Number:718-708-4902

Address:189 W 231

231st Street Cleaners

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7-7; Sat 8-6; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-548-0055

Address:212 W 231

9 Godwin Nails

Working Hours

9-8; 7 days

Phone Number:718-601-3438

Address:230 W 231


Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-6 non-tax season; Mon-Sun tax season 9-9; Closed Sat & Sun non-tax season


Phone Number:718-889-3100

Address:5536 Broadway

Beautiful Brows

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-326-6864

Address:200-2 W 231

Blanca Beauty Center

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-6; Sun 9-2

Phone Number:718-884-2122

Address:243B W 231

Blink Fitness

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 5 am-midnight; Sat & Sun 7 am-7

Phone Number:347-532-7700

Address:5520 Broadway @ Broadway Plaza

Broadway Animal Hospital

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-543-5600

Address:5664 Broadway @ Staples Shopping Center

Broadway Eye Care

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10:30-6; Sat 10:30-4; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-543-2020

Address:200 W 231

Cambridge Podiatry Center

Working Hours

Mon 9-5; Tu 9-7; Th 10-5; F 9-3; Sat 9-1; closed Wed & Sun

Phone Number:718-548-3080

Address:259 W 231

CFSC Check Cashing

Working Hours

Mon-Wed 8-6; Th & Fri 8-7; Sat 9-4; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-796-0631

Address:189-1 W 231

Chase Bank

Working Hours

M-F 8:30-6; Sat 9-3; Closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-549-0602

Address:5581 Broadway

Church of the Mediator

Working Hours

Sunday Services: 8 am; 10 am; 1:30 pm.


Phone Number:718-548-0944

Address:260 W 231


Working Hours

M-F 9-6; Sat 9-3; closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-514-2281

Address:5560 Broadway @ Staples Shopping Center

Cohen Gentle Dental

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-543-1123

Address:183-2 W 231, 2nd Fl

Cristo Rey Barbershop

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-449-6500

Address:227-1 W 231

Cube Smart

Working Hours

M-F 8-6:45; Sat & Sun 9-7

Phone Number:718-601-1525

Address:5740 Broadway @ Shops at Broadway Plaza

Cuts on Broadway

Working Hours

M-F 8-8; Sat 8-9; Sun 10-6.

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5582-4 Broadway, 2nd Fl

DaVita Riverdale Dialysis

Working Hours

M-Sat 6-8; closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-884-4300

Address:170-3 W 233

Dr. Robert Bogan, DDS

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; closed Sat & Sun

Phone Number:718-549-5544

Address:5606-1 Broadway

Enterprise Car Rental

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7:30-6; Sat 9-1; closed Sun


Phone Number:718-548-3379

Address:5618 Broadway

Infinite Beauty Salon by Mary

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-708-7548

Address:241 W 231

Fed Ex

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7-8; Sat 8-5; Sun closed


Phone Number:718-543-2340

Address:5740 Broadway @ Shops at Broadway Plaza

H & R Block

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-548-8100

Address:208-1 W 231

Milan Nail Salon

Working Hours

9-8pm  7 days

Phone Number:347-427-6302

Address:245 W 231

Kerner & Esposito

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-796-6454

Address:269 W 231

Kingsbridge Business Improvement District

Working Hours


Various hours

Phone Number:718-432-6935

Address:3109 Kingsbridge Ave, 2nd Floor

La Nacional

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-637-6069

Address:236-2 W 231

Majestic Beauty Salon

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-796-3069

Address:5611 Broadway

Max Tax

Working Hours

M-Sat 10-6; closed Sun.


Phone Number:347-947-4400

Address:225 W 231

Metro Tax

Working Hours

Phone Number:646-457-9033

Address:5610 Broadway, 2nd Fl

Montefiore Medical Group

Working Hours

M-Th 8:30-7; T & F 8:30-5:30;W 8:30-6 (1st & 3rd Sat 9-1, Sept-June only); closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-884-0279

Address:5525 Broadway

Narcisses Spa

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-7; closed Sun


Phone Number:718-548-1960

Address:271A W 231

Neighborhood Medical Health Care

Working Hours

Mon-Thur 10-7; Fri 10:30-6:30; closed Sat & Sun

Phone Number:718-601-1600

Address:170-1 W 233

New Riverdale Nails & Hair Center

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 10-6

Phone Number:347-913-4080

Address:220 & 222 W 231

NYC Councilman Andrew Cohen

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-7300

Address:277 W 231

NYC Police Dept.- 50th Precinct

Working Hours

7 days; 24 hours.


Phone Number:718-543-5700 or 911

Address:3450 Kingsbridge Ave.

NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

Working Hours



Phone Number:718-796-5345

Address:3107 Kingsbridge Ave.

Oni Salon

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-0222

Address:277 W 231

Ponce Bank

Working Hours

Mon-Th 9-4; Fri 9-6; Sat 10-2; closed Sun


Phone Number:718-548-4800

Address:5560 Broadway

Rental Masters Real Estate

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; closed Sat & Sun.

Phone Number:718-432-1700

Address:5600-2 Broadway, 2nd Fl

Riverdale Beauty/Universal Barbershop

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-7; Sun 9-5.

Phone Number:718-432-1414

Address:5657-2 Broadway

Riverdale Eye Care

Working Hours

Mon & Th 10-6:30; Tues Closed; Wed 8:30-5; Fri & Sat 10-6; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-543-8066

Address:219 W 231

Riverdale Parking Garage

Working Hours

7 days; 24 hours

Phone Number:718-884-0033

Address:5604 Broadway

Robert E. Hill Real Estate

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; Sat & Sun 9:30-2


Phone Number:718-884-2200

Address:279 W 231

Roma Barbershop

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-4749

Address:235 W 231

Skyview Professional Services

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-1367

Address:261 W 231

State Farm Insurance

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-884-9200

Address:265-2 W 231

U S Post Office

Working Hours

Full: M-F 8-7; Sat 9-4; closed Sun. Self: M-F 6-7; Sat 6-4; closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-549-6962

Address:5517 Broadway

Ultimate Threading & Salon

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-346-5477

Address:238-1 W 231

USK Tae Kwon Do

Working Hours

M-F 11-8; Sat 9-2; closed Sun.


Phone Number:718-549-5400

Address:5591 Broadway


Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10-8; Sat 9-6; Sun closed

Phone Number:718-884-2408

Address:5520 Broadway @ Broadway Plaza

Williams Funeral Home

Working Hours

7 days, 24 hours

Underground parking available

Phone Number:718-548-1100

Address:5628 Broadway/corner W 233

Orochena Law Office

Working Hours

Phone Number:646-580-9692

Address:5606 A Broadway

Goldberg & Associates-Immigration Law

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; Closed Sat & Sun
Email: info@goldbergimmigration.com

Phone Number:718-432-1022

Address:5586 Broadway, 3rd Fl

Children's Learning Center

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7:30-6; closed Sat & Sun


Phone Number:718-432-1170

Address:212 W 233

Krieger, Wilansky & Hupert, Attorneys

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; closed Sat & Sun

Phone Number:718-432-0500

Address:5602-2 Broadway, 2nd Fl

AllState Insurance

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-796-8800

Address:5608-1 Broadway

Sycamore Court Apartments

Working Hours

By appointment only


Phone Number:718-432-3088

Address:3050 Corlear Ave

Kaluma Medical Transportation

Working Hours

24 hours; 7 days

Phone Number:718-543-7771

Address:3107 Kingsbridge Ave

Aaron Plum Insurance

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-5; closed Sat & Sun

Phone Number:718-548-8400

Address:255 W 231

1st Class Professional Alterations

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-543-0021

Address:231 W 231

Cohen's Fashion Optical

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10-6:30; Sat 10-5; Sun closed


Phone Number:718-884-4297

Address:5572 Broadway @ W 231

Familia's Barbershop

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-8; Sun 9-6

Phone Number:347-964-7730

Address:236 W 231

Walgreen's Pharmacy

Working Hours

7 days, 24 hours; Pharmacy: 8-midnight, 7 days.


Phone Number:718-548-5884

Address:5564 Broadway

King Suki's Nails

Working Hours

Mon 7:30-8; Tues-Sat 9:30-8; Sun 9:30-7

Phone Number:718-432-1155

Address:229 W 231

Keenan's Bar

Working Hours

8 am-4 am; 7 days

Phone Number:718-548-7573

Address:5588 Broadway

West Derm Center

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-8282

Address:267A W 231

Broadway Family Plaza

Working Hours

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5731 Broadway


Working Hours

Phone Number:347-360-6653

Address:243 W 231

afc american family care-Urgent Care

Working Hours

Phone Number:917-668-4590

Address:5546 Broadway

Victoria Nails & Bar

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm

Sun 11:00 am-7 pm

Phone Number:718-549-9999

Address:5740 Broadway

Bronx NY 10463


Working Hours

7 days

Phone Number:N/A

Address:216 W 233

Nagle Parking Garage

Working Hours


Phone Number:917-952-2224

Address:266 W. 231 @Corlear Ave

Carlos Upholstery

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-8439

Address:217-2 West 231, 2nd Fl

Clases Para Daycare Oficina #2

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-9257

Address:217 W. 231 #2

Game Day Sports Bar

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-548-1782

Address:5757 Broadway

Almanzar Barbershop

Working Hours

Phone Number:646-804-4253

Address:244 W 231

PM Pediatrics

Working Hours

Monday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight

Sunday: 10 am-Midnight

Phone Number:929-920-5437

Address:5740 Broadway @ Shops on Broadway

All Wireless & Electronics

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-280-5128

Address:237 W 231

D'Carolina Style

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-7 pm

Phone Number:718-601-8378

Address:208 W 233

Dr. Perez-Internal Medicine

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-587-4020

Address:231 W 231, Suite B

Kingsbridge Gardens

Working Hours

Phone Number:N/A

Address:3424 Kingsbridge Ave

Joan's Cleaners

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 7-7; closed Sun.

Phone Number:718-548-0181

Address:263 W 231

Barbershop 7

Working Hours

Phone Number:646-496-5199

Address:220-222 W 231

Kingsbridge Insurance

Working Hours

9-5, 5 days

Phone Number:646-351-3978

Address:5610 Broadway, 2nd Fl

1st Class Cleaners

Working Hours

M-F 7:30-6pm; Sat 8-5pm; Sun closed

Phone Number:718-684-8887

Address:239 West 231 Street