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Brand Names for Less

Working Hours

M-Sat 9:30-8; Sun 10-7

Phone Number:N/A


5543 Broadway 

Five Below

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-9; Sun 11-6

Phone Number:718-884-2316

Address:171 W 230@Broadway Plaza

Broadway Deals #1

Working Hours

9-8:30; 7 days

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5601-5 Broaddway

Riverdale Vape & Candy

Working Hours

Phone Number:N/A

Address:215-1 W 231

Jewelry & Watches

Working Hours

Sun 10-6; Mon-Fri 10-7; Sat closed

Phone Number:347-346-6555

Address:213 W 231

Aldi Supermarket

Working Hours

9-9; 7 days; special seasonal hours

Phone Number:855-955-2534

Address:5532 Broadway @ Broadway Plaza

Apple Tree Market

Working Hours

8:30-7:30; 7 days

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5590 Broadway

Broadway Candy

Working Hours

24 hrs; 7 days

Phone Number:718-548-3439

Address:249-1 W 231

Broadway Discount King

Working Hours

7 days, 9 am-8:15 pm

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5657-3 Broadway

Riverdale Meats

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-601-9781

Address:5587 Broadway

California Farm

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 7-11; Sun 7:30-11

Phone Number:718-884-0707

Address:234 W 231

Citygirl Accessories

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 11:30-6; Sun 11:30-4

Phone Number:718-796-2455

Address:247A W 231

Columbia Florist

Working Hours

9-9; 7 days; 365 days


Phone Number:718-543-3753

Address:210 W 231

Cosmo Beauty Supply

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-8; Sun 10-7

Phone Number:347-346-6225

Address:5601 Broadway

DT Hardware & Houseware

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-8; Sun 10-5

Phone Number:718-884-2207

Address:217A W 231

Food Town of Riverdale

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 6-midnight; Sun 8-11pm

Phone Number:718-543-8700

Address:5555 Broadway

Friendly Pharmacy

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10-8; Sat 11-7; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-884-2908

Address:223-2 W 231

Furniture Direct

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 11-5


Phone Number:347-913-4320

Address:5657-1 Broadway

Garden Gourmet

Working Hours

Mon-Sun 6-11


Phone Number:718-796-4209

Address:5665 Broadway


Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-9; Sat 10-9; Sun 10-8


Phone Number:718-548-8547

Address:5625-1 Broadway

Golden Dream Jewelry

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-6; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-796-0787

Address:183-1 W 231

J J Jewelry Box

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-7; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-796-8811

Address:206 W 231

Kingsbridge Pharmacy

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-2240

Address:200C W 231

Kingsbridge Smoke Shop & Candy

Working Hours

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5625-5 Broadway

Lot-Less Closeouts

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-8; Sun 9:30-8:30

Phone Number:718-548-8300

Address:5545 Broadway

Mega Deals

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-8:30; Sun 10-7

Phone Number:718-549-1196

Address:189 W 231

Metro PCS

Working Hours

Mon-Sun 9:30-7


Phone Number:N/A

Address:5585 Broadway


Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun noon-6

Phone Number:718-549-3260

Address:5537 Broadway

Sunshine Deli

Working Hours

7 days; 24 hours

Phone Number:718-796-6651

Address:253 W 231

New Sea Win Seafood

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-7:30; Sun 9-6


Phone Number:718-549-1368

Address:216 W 231

Party City

Working Hours

Sun 10-6; Mon-Wed 9:30-8:30; Th & Fri 9:30-9; Sat 8:30-8:30

Phone Number:718-796-0918

Address:171 W 230 @ Broadway Plaza

Picture Perfect Frames

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-1970

Address:267 W 231

Food Universe

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-432-1136

Address:184 W 231

I.S. Gold Market

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-543-9574

Address:5625-8 Broadway

Riverdale Liquors

Working Hours

Mon-Wed 9-9; Th 9-10; Fri & Sat 9-11; Sun 12-7

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Phone Number:718-543-1110

Address:207 W 231

S.Y. Beauty II

Working Hours

M-Sat 9:30-8; Sun 10-7

Phone Number:718-796-9783

Address:202 W 231

Mattress Firm

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-9; Sun 11-7


Phone Number:718-432-1605

Address:5687 Broadway

Delicious Delight

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-326-6520

Address:206-1 W 231


Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7-9; Sat 9-9; Sun 10-6


Phone Number:718-884-6344

Address:5680 Broadway @ Staples Shopping Center

Stop N Shop

Working Hours

6-midnight; 7 days


Phone Number:718-548-3344

Address:5716 Broadway

T J Maxx

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-9:30; Sun 11-8

Phone Number:718-601-1501

Address:171 W 230 @ Broadway Plaza

Te-Amo Stationary

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-3175

Address:5582-1 Broadway

The Vitamin Shoppe

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9-9; Sun 11-6


Phone Number:718-884-2984

Address:5510 Broadway @ Broadway Plaza


Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-7:30; Sun 11-6


Phone Number:N/A

Address:5561 Broadway

Janovic Paint Place

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7-5; Sat 7-4; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-796-0500

Address:5610 Broadway

Unique Thrift Store

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 11-5


Phone Number:718-548-1190

Address:218 W 234

United Pharmacy

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9-7; Sat 9:30-6; closed Sun

Phone Number:718-884-2500

Address:5539 Broadway

Masidi's Urban African Store

Working Hours

Mon-Sun 10-8

Phone Number:718-548-1200

Address:5616 Broadway

Michael Jewelry

Working Hours

Mon-Wed 9-6; Th & Fri 9-7; Sat 9-4; Sun 9-8

Phone Number:917-375-9934

Address:189 W 231 @ CFSC Check Cashing

Bob's Discount Furniture

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-9:30; Sun 11-7


Phone Number:347-708-9009

Address:171 W 230 @ Broaddway Plaza

JVM Wireless

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-549-1384

Address:217 W 231

Golden Home Furniture

Working Hours

Phone Number:347-344-7464

Address:5550 Broadway

Sherwin Williams Paints

Working Hours

Phone Number:(718) 543-0836

Address:5740 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463

Snipes USA

Working Hours

Phone Number:718-796-0326

Address:5510 Broadway, space 104

Broadway Plaza

Osh Kosh B'gosh/carter's babies & kids

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 11-6

Phone Number:718-884-2144

Address:5550 Broadway


Working Hours

Phone Number:718-530-7480

Address:5701 Broadway

Jim's Gift Shop

Working Hours

9-9 7 days

Phone Number:N/A

Address:5607 Broadway

Doloma Convenience

Working Hours


Phone Number:718-884-2894

Address:5565 Broadway


Working Hours

10-8; 7 days

Phone Number:178-884-8820

Address:190 W 231